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Case Studies

Network Rail

Network Rail requires lone worker protection for their 35,000 employees and contractors.

Lone Worker Solutions in partnership with MITIE, the FTSE 250 strategic outsourcer, has won a five-year contract with Network Rail, the owner and operator of the United Kingdom's railway network, to supply the new Sentinel card service - improving site safety and lone worker protection, increasing efficiency and reducing costs for the industry.

Under the current industry-wide Sentinel scheme, every one of the 90,000 employees and contractors who work ‘trackside’ on or near Network Rail’s infrastructure must carry a valid card for inspection. The card is used to verify the identity and skills held by the cardholder by reading information directly from the card or calling an automated phone line.

Network Rail chose MITIE and its partners Reference Point and Lone Worker Solutions to develop and deliver a new service incorporating smart card technology to replace the current basic laminated card. The new, automated service delivers real-time access to worker competences including lone worker protection.

MITIE chose Lone Worker Solutions as their preferred lone worker protection provider due to the flexibility of the range of safety modules, integrating with third part systems and the innovative licensing model.

Darren Gamage, Managing Director, Technology Services for MITIE's Total Security Management business, commented:

“The build of MiTec (the security provider’s new £6m technology hub, designed to monitor lone workers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year) has allowed us to expand our offering to take in to account protecting clients’ employees who work alone. I am really excited about widening our offering and this is another example of how technology and manpower can work together.”

“I am delighted to have the expertise of Lone Worker Solutions behind us and the LoneWorker Manager™ system means we can protect people working alone wherever they are.”


Lone Worker Solutions integrated their innovative LoneWorker Manager™ platform with the Reference Point Sentinel system to provide Network Rail’s employees and contractors with a number of lone worker safety modules across multiple devices.

Network Rail employees and contractors who have been awarded the lone working competence (a Network Rail requirement) can utilise Lone Worker Solutions’ safety modules on iPhones, Android devices or standard mobile phones realising a flexible all-encompassing lone worker protection system.


With the increased focus on safety and the increasing penalties now faced for breaching safety legislation, lone worker protection has become a prime focus for Network Rail. Network Rail is in the process of rolling out the new Sentinel system along with the lone worker protection safety modules. The plan is to cover all trackside employees and contractors.

Network Rail’s focus on protecting their staff is very apparent as they are already looking to extend the technologies they use beyond those originally contracted, including the deployment of Lone Worker Solution’s satellite fob for poor reception areas.

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