Fixed Site

Lone Worker Solutions: Fixed Site

Locate lone workers and provide the protection they need on-site

Your lone workers may not be out and about, in the field, working remotely or working from home. They can just as easily be working within your organisation’s buildings. If you have extensive premises or perhaps work in a sector which means there are particularly hazardous areas, then this lone worker monitoring system can be essential to ensure lone worker safety across your site.

People working alone on-site simply carry or wear an approved pager which connects to a WiMesh network supplied in areas of defined risk, or use their supported smart phone with supported special Beacons.

LoneWorker Manager™ can then monitor each worker’s movements within the facility. For example, it can sound an alarm if an unauthorised worker is about to enter a high risk area to stop them going any further; or it can be used to alert the lone worker that they are entering such an area and need to adhere to H&S rules. The Fixed Site lone worker monitoring system can also alert the worker when they have been in a high risk area for longer than a safe period of time.

This lone worker alarm system works both ways – the worker themselves can alert LoneWorker Manager™ if they get into difficulty in a restricted or high risk area by pressing an assigned key on the pager. The worker can then be quickly located and the appropriate emergency help despatched without delay.

WiMesh Locate™ can be de-activated by the user whenever it’s not required and all information received and sent by the ARC will be logged and saved.

To discover more about lone worker protection and safety on-site, and to see the full LoneWorker Manager™ support system in action, please contact us on 0161 855 2122.

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