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Lone Worker Solutions: Heartbeat

Pro-active lone worker Protection

Your lone workers can be more vulnerable than most for any number of reasons. Field workers may need to visit areas or homes where they might feel uneasy. Lone workers with health problems may begin to feel unwell. And, even lone workers in the office or working from home can have accidents.

Heartbeat sends your lone worker a voice, text or email message at pre-set intervals according to their personal risk assessment results. The message requests an identity code to confirm that the individual is ‘OK’. If all is well, LoneWorker Manager™ simply resets until the next message response is due.

There is a pre-defined timeframe for the lone worker to respond, if no response is received within that timeframe, the system goes into alert mode. LoneWorker Manager™ is connected to the state-of-the-art MiTec Technology Centre and CAT II ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre).

Operating 24/7/365, MiTec’s ARC manages alerts from the LoneWorker Manager™ platform. Once an alert is received, the MiTec ARC acknowledges the alert to the lone worker and manages the alert through agreed escalation procedures.

If required the platform directly contacts the emergency services via Unique Reference Number (by-passing ‘999’ call centres).

This allows you to get the required support or emergency help to your lone worker quickly and effectively.

Lone Worker Manager: Protective Protection

Heartbeat can be activated or deactivated on any non-smartphone, smartphone, laptop or PC as required, and of course, everything’s accurately logged by date, time and activity so you can ensure your business is at the heart of lone worker protection.

Let us set your pulse racing with a full demo of Heartbeat and the rest of the LoneWorker Manager™ safety system – contact us on 0161 855 2122.

For more information, click here to see a video of the Heartbeat proactive protection.