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Lone Worker Solutions: Lone Worker Manager

LoneWorker Manager™

It is estimated that there are over 4 million lone workers in the UK, from long-distance drivers to district nurses; construction specialists to cleaners; sales reps to security guards…. in fact, there are any number of roles in every size and type of organisation where people working alone can be at risk.

As an employer, you are ultimately responsible for the Health & Safety management of your lone workers, (remember, this also includes any self-employed professionals or contractors you hire).

LoneWorker Manager™ offers a comprehensive system to help you protect and support your lone workers.

How LoneWorker Manager™ Works

LoneWorker Manager™ is a versatile platform that integrates multiple, best-of-breed lone worker devices and mobile applications into a single system that provides comprehensive management and auditing functionality.

The platform has been developed to enable companies to support and protect their lone workers with essential applications and appropriate hardware tailored to their specific activity.

Supported by the MiTec ARC, LoneWorker Manager™ delivers 24/7/365 monitoring and helps to ensure safety – even for your most high-risk lone workers.

The LoneWorker Manager™ platform is BS8484 2011 certified, multi-functional, secure and incredibly flexible, it can even integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, devices and networks.

Comprehensive and versatile

The system’s versatility means you can monitor as many lone workers as you need to, each to the level of protection that they specifically require. LoneWorker Manager™ can be used as an internal company safety system, or connected to an external Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

You can even monitor and protect your people working alone in areas where there is no mobile signal.

By introducing the LoneWorker Manager™ global safety system to your business and, more importantly, your people, you will achieve and exceed your legislative duty of care to lone workers.

This will help to build an organisational culture where people feel valued and looked after – and this has been shown to boost morale as well as productivity.


The AlertManager™ Windows desktop application designed to present alerts to one or more operators who are responsible for responding to raised alerts.

It is BS8484 certified and allows an operator to view details of an alert so they can respond with the necessary actions. Once the operator has responded to an alert, they can enter notes against the alert and then reactivate the Lone Worker module for the lone worker.

The image below is the call handling screen for the Alert Manager™.


Lone Worker Solutions utilises the state-of-the-art MiTec Technology Centre and CAT II ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre). Operating 24/7/365, MiTec’s ARC manages alerts from the LoneWorker Manager™ platform. Once an alert is received, the MiTec ARC acknowledges the alert to the lone worker and manages the alert through agreed escalation procedures. As a certified BS8484 service, the ARC operator can directly contact the emergency services, bypassing 999 services via a URN, guaranteeing an emergency response.

Alternative ARC

Although Lone Worker Solutions has a fully supported contract with MiTec, the LoneWorker Manager™ platform is system agnostic and can be supported by any ARC you specify.