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LoneWorker Manager Mobile

Remote and flexible working is becoming increasingly popular with employers and workers alike. The development of technology that supports remote working – smartphones, tablets and laptops – means your staff can be anywhere in the world and still get the necessary work done. And to enable employers to deliver against Health & Safety legislation, Lone Worker Solutions has developed a series of apps that can be accessed on all of the most popular devices.

Smartphone App

LoneWorker Manager Mobile provides an advanced smartphone app offering emergency, proactive and reactive support. Designed to work seamlessly across all handsets, the app is available for Android, Windows and iOS smartphones. The apps can be easily downloaded by end-users from their relevant app store or mobile device management software.

LoneWorker Manager Mobile features an SOS button which overrides the handset’s keypad lock allowing fast access in an emergency. Features like Heartbeat and WorkerDown, run seamlessly in the background without interrupting the normal function of the smartphone. The App uses both GPS and GPRS technology to provide accurate location data and the fastest possible alert transmission in the event of any emergency.

The smartphone app is particularly suited for workers who already have a smartphone and who don’t want to carry an additional device. It is also the cheapest option compared to specialist devices.

Whichever type of smartphone your worker has, their system activity can be managed through one single interface. The Lone Worker Manager platform features an easy to use web-based management system that supports an unlimited number of staff profiles and multiple devices.


  • Android smartphones: Push4Help, Heartbeat, Worker Down, GPS Locate, Broadcast Messaging and iBeacon compatibility
  • Windows smartphones: Push4Help and Heartbeat
  • iPhone 4 or higher: Push4Help, Heartbeat, Lone Worker Down, GPS Locate, Broadcast Messaging and iBeacon compatibility

Support for BlackBerry and standard mobile phones

The features of LoneWorker Manager Mobile can also be accessed from BlackBerry handsets and standard mobile phones via easy to use speed dials and SMS programming.

Desktop & Laptop App

The LoneWorker Manager Desktop App is also ideal for home-based workers, office staff who work late and mobile staff who regularly use a laptop. The intuitive Desktop App provides access to the Push4Help and Heartbeat features.

Fast and Expert Help When Needed

LoneWorker Manager Mobile connects the user to Mitec, a state-of-the-art Technology Centre and CAT II Alarm Receiving Centre commonly known as an ARC), accredited to the BS5979 Gold, Category II as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. Mitec’s highly trained personnel are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. When an alert is raised, the ARC operatives have immediate access to the users’ location, personal profile and pre-agreed escalation protocols. And, because Lone Worker Solutions and Mitec are BS8484 Gold certified; we can by-pass standard emergency call centres, ensuring support reaches the worker in need as quickly as possible.

Simple Instructions Through Training Manager

Historically, the lone worker industry has a poor track record of end-users exploiting technology when it is deployed. Often the problem has been attributable to end-users not becoming comfortable with the technology at the beginning of deployment. Use of existing devices can negate this problem and at Lone Worker Solutions, we have developed an intuitive platform that puts end-users first. This simple and effective rollout programme breaks through the fear barrier at the outset increasing confidence among end-users with unparalleled back-up provided by our dedicated Account Management team.