Lone Worker Solutions: Push4Help

Rapid Reaction when your people need it most

Your lone workers could be operating in hazardous environments or be vulnerable as they work alone away from your premises. Even lone workers in the office or at home are at risk of slips, trips and falls. As an employer, you could be liable to pay out some hefty fines in cases of lone worker accidents.

So it makes sense to provide as much protection as you can to ensure that your brand reputation doesn’t suffer if the worst happens. Of course accidents and medical emergencies do happen – and that’s where Push4Help comes in.

The Push4Help lone worker safety system is fast and simple to use and works with any telephone, mobile or smartphone with a speed dial facility.

Push4Help RED Alert

In a crisis situation, your lone worker simply pushes the pre-set button or icon on the app to raise the alarm. This connects them instantly to the LoneWorker Manager™ platform, which will identify the person, their location and what support is required for that individual.

Whether they’ve had an accident, or they feel in danger (in which case they can alert you discreetly), the person will know that help is on the way.

Push4Help AMBER Alert

A second dedicated key or app icon lets your lone worker leave a voice message to tell you exactly where they are, in case an emergency situation arises. This can give particular peace of mind to lone workers in the field or people working alone in large office buildings or outside of normal working hours.

LoneWorker Manager™ will log every RED or AMBER alert with detailed time, date and message data which is essential for your Health & Safety Management, audit reports and lone worker duty of care compliance.

Lone Worker Manager: Emergency Help

It also sends out daily messages about lone worker safety and reminds people working alone to activate their support and safety modules.

If you’d like a full demonstration of the LoneWorker Manager™ system, please contact us on 0161 855 2122.