Safeguarding lone workers in government and education

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Public sector organisations who have deployed Safe Hub

Government & education

Thousands of lobe workers


There are plenty of roles where the sector’s employees may find themselves working alone, remotely, or out of sight or earshot of colleagues. In schools, it may be maintenance and caretaking, or even teachers staying behind late to write a lesson plan. Staff at an elected representative’s constituency office may occasionally work alone preparing documents. And council workers providing frontline services may face risks from working alone with the public.

Safe Hub is here to support all such staff – whether lone working is a regular feature of their jobs, or a rare occurrence.


Public Sector G-Cloud 11


Lone Worker Solutions is an approved supplier to the public sector through the G-Cloud 11 digital services procurement framework. Safe Hub, our secure managed lone worker protection system, meets the standards required by public sector bodies and is already deployed across a number of UK councils.

Violence & aggression

Daily occurrence for too many

In the UK, members of parliament now have dedicated support from the police when they are in London. But when they and their staff are at their constituency offices across the UK, they may not have such direct access to the emergency services.

Parliamentary staff, government interns and local council staff interact directly with the public, often at anti-social times and in challenging circumstances. Safe Hub can provide valuable support to workers in such situations. With our apps and devices, they have access to Red Alert and its 'Virtual Buddy' function.


Construction Worker

Working for a borough council

Local council lone workers such as trading standards officers face a range of everyday risks. From travelling between appointments to dealing with potentially non-compliant clients, Safe Hub can mitigate those risks.

The emergency Red Alert links workers directly with our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which can use GPS to identify the worker's location and direct emergency services straight there if needed. Workers also have access to Yellow Alert voice memo and Safe Check periodic welfare check, to cover a range of working scenarios.

Essex County Council

From trading standards officers to isolated librarians

As one of the UK's biggest local councils, Essex County Council (ECC) employs some 9,000 staff. ECC has established a risk-based health and safety profile for each lone working staff role. The highest-risk roles cover staff working directly with residents and businesses such as trading standards officers, social workers, park wardens, and even librarians in some of the county’s smaller facilities. ECC’s Health & Safety Board selected Safe Hub’s SOS Fob as their preferred personal safety device.


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