Getting lone worker safety right in a major NHS trust: EPUT case study part 2

Safe Hub for healthcare lone workers

It’s the second of our blogs looking at our deployment of Safe Hub at the Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (EPUT). This time round, we’re looking at how we trained service users to make the most of lone worker safety. And we’ll be looking at how we were able to customise the devices and our service so that it best fitted EPUT’s specific needs.

Roll-out of devices and a multi-faceted training programme

We worked closely with the EPUT support team to make the roll-out process as simple as possible. All devices came labelled with users’ names, and devices were distributed at training sessions. EPUT has reported that the breadth of the training programme has been particularly helpful. Initial roll-out training took place at a number of sessions over two weeks. Classroom sessions formed the backbone of training, together with online tutorials and e-learning.

We’re continuing to work with EPUT to train users for the Safe Hub portal, chiefly managers of lone workers who need management information. Again we’ve been providing a mix of classroom training and e-learning. Managers have responded well to being able to test the Safe Hub portal in classroom sessions.

Getting escalation protocols right first time

Having taken over lone worker safety at EPUT, our first task was to be proactive in rebuilding user data, to ensure that escalation processes are effective. We created a web-form for users to complete, which has worked really well in improving escalation processes and making sure information is up to date. EPUT are also working to improve out-of-hours escalation protocols to minimise the burden on on-call directors as the third escalation level. Key to this process is ensuring users provide up-to-date contact details for devices which they use out-of-hours (for instance, a private rather than work phone number).

EPUT is rolling out a system whereby managers can access the Safe Hub portal to process changes, to reduce the burden on central administrators. Managers are responsible for making sure their own teams’ escalation processes and information are up-to-date, and can check all information during supervision meeting. They can then pass that data on to our service team, or update user profiles themselves.

Customising Safe Hub to work best for users

One issue which we addressed shortly after deployment was for workers wearing SOS Fobs on lanyards. As the mental health teams at EPUT have to be aware of ligature risk, their lanyards are longer than standard to incorporate breakpoints. This meant that dangling devices had a tendency to trigger frequent false alerts, for instance, if they touched a desk. We quickly responded by customising the sensitivity on all devices. Additionally, we supplied belt-clips for those individuals whose clothing allows them to wear the SOS Fob at their waist.

Debby Stevens, Local Security Management Specialist at Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (EPUT), said “The team at Lone Worker Solutions have gone out of their way to accommodate our needs in a timely and efficient manner. The roll-out process was really smooth, thanks to the fact that we’ve been able to work together closely on a multi-faceted training programme. I have only positive things to say about Lone Worker Solutions and its safety devices.”

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Post by Rob Gilbert

Rob is Chief Sales Officer at Lone Worker Solutions (LWS). He is responsible for introducing new clients to the benefits of Safe Hub, and ensuring their experience is straightforward, simple and truly effective. His consultative, customer-focused approach means our clients have full access to every possible resource to achieve lasting, best-of-breed solutions and service excellence.

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