Sharing vital information with our Yellow Alert voice memo feature

Yellow Alert voice memo allows lone workers to supply vital contextual information to save time in a crisis

For lone workers out and about throughout their working day, it can be a challenge to remember where they have to be at any given time. Perhaps it’s a succession of visits to clients in their own homes. It could be a series of drop-offs and pick-ups in a variety of locations. Or it might involve parking in multiple multi-storey car parks on a number of site visits.

One thing lone workers don’t want to worry about is being found if they need to summon help in a hurry. It can be vital to share information about where they are or details of where they will be for a set period. It’s the best way for them to know they’re able to be found – and can help pinpoint them if there’s a problem. With our Yellow Alert voice memo feature, they can share just that sort of information. It’s Safe Hub’s ‘in-case-of-emergency’ safety feature.

Yellow Alert provides extra resolution on the map

Yellow Alert is a voice memo feature which lone workers can use any time they enter a potentially hazardous situation. Our in case of emergency feature goes hand-in-hand with Red Alert, to create a virtual buddy. Lone workers can record useful time- and location- specific information with the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Once they have left a Yellow Alert message, it is recorded and acknowledged automatically by the Safe Hub system, alongside GPS location data.

The information they’ve left comes in useful if lone workers then raise a Red Alert in case of emergency, or if they cannot be contacted for any reason. ARC operatives start by using GPS location data in such cases. They also access Yellow Alert information as part of a lone worker’s individual escalation protocol. The emergency services can then use all this information to pinpoint a lone worker in distress. The Yellow Alert information provides vital contextual information and saves valuable time, providing extra zoom on the GPS map.

Useful voice memo information in case of emergency

As part of our rollout programme for each of our Safe Hub clients, we train lone workers in the use of each safety feature. We do this to increase take-up of Safe Hub, so that it becomes part of lone workers’ everyday safety practice. With Yellow Alert, we advise leaving as much clear and specific information as possible. There are many pieces of information which could be useful in case of emergency. Some examples of salient details include:

  • The time expected to complete a task and/or journey.

  • The floor and/or door number for a flat or office.

  • A multi-storey car park level or parking bay number.

  • An alternative contact phone number for the lone worker.

  • The contact details for colleagues who are close by.

We’ve had consistently positive feedback about Yellow Alert from Safe Hub end-users. For instance, lone workers at Calico Homes have stated how much they value the service. One key issue is that Safe Hub acknowledges that the information has been logged. This puts lone workers’ minds at rest, knowing that the ARC has got the memo.

Yellow Alert in action on devices and apps

Yellow Alert is an in-built feature of all our Safe Hub apps, appearing on the same screen as Red Alert to highlight how useful the information will be in case of emergency. In terms of dedicated devices, Yellow Alert is available on SOS Fob, SOS ID Badge, ProtectMe and all our intrinsically safe devices. Depending on how the lone worker accesses Safe Hub, Yellow Alert will be available at the tap of a screen or the touch of a button.

In a crisis, lone workers need to know that they’ll be found in case of emergency. And their managers need to know that they can safely send their workers to off-site meetings wherever they may be needed. Yellow Alert voice memos meet all these needs by providing the emergency services with extra zoom on the GPS map.

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Contact Lone Worker Solutions and the Safe Hub team today to arrange a free demo of Yellow Alert voice memo and all our other lone worker safety features.

Post by Henry Robinson

Henry is Senior Account Executive at Lone Worker Solutions (LWS). He works with existing clients and introduces new clients to Safe Hub, our award-winning system to protect and monitor lone workers. Safe Hub supports lone and remote workers on the widest possible array of BS8484:2016 Gold Certified devices. It is a package of buddy, proactive, reactive, broadcast and virtual barrier protection for lone workers.

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