Proactive welfare check-in system


Support via periodic status check

Safe Check is a periodic welfare ‘check-in’ system directly managed by the lone worker. They simply confirm their welfare by replying to automated prompts at set time intervals. Safe Check can be easily enabled on our app, and many of our dedicated devices.


Interval Choice

Lone workers can select and amend the intervals, as needed, to suit their working practices.

At the end of the set interval, Safe Check will request a code from the worker. Once this is entered on the worker’s device or app, Safe Check resets and a new countdown interval begins.

Using Safe Check

Many lone workers have Safe Check enabled throughout their working day. But it can be particularly useful at specific times. For instance, it’s ideal for a worker visiting a service user or customer at their home. For others, it will come into its own when they’re leaving the office late at night and walking to a car park, or driving in poor weather. The lone worker can also add additional information such as a postcode, in order to assist with locating them in an emergency.

False Alerts

In the event that a worker doesn’t respond, the issue is flagged at the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). The personal escalation process for that worker is then triggered, whether it’s a call to a line manager or an immediate dispatch call to emergency services.

Safe Check is available on all of these devices and apps.

Safe Hub SOS ID Badge lone worker alarm.

SOS ID Badge

Ripcord activated alarm



Feature-rich & Discreet


Safe Hub App

Smartphones & Mobiles

Intrinsically Safe device from Lone work

Intrinsically Safe

Anti-spark devices

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About Lone Worker Solutions

Safe Hub, from Lone Worker Solutions, is an award-winning locate-and-respond protection system for people who work alone or out of sight of colleagues. It offers a comprehensive package of features including GPS locate, emergency, buddy, reactive, proactive, broadcast and virtual barrier protection for all lone working scenarios.


Safe Hub supports the broadest possible array of devices including Android, Apple and Windows smartphones, BlackBerry, standard mobiles, PCs, intrinsically safe devices, specialist lone working safety devices and satellite phones.

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