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The perfect personal device for lone workers

SOS Fob is a BS8484:2016 Gold Certified specialist lone working device. Discreet, durable, waterproof and lightweight, it can be clipped into a specially moulded identity badge, or worn in an arm or belt holster, or carried in a pocket.


SOS Fob deploys two key technologies:

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) locates your lone worker in an emergency.

  • Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) allows workers to speak directly to operatives at the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

​Roaming multi-network SIM

To maximise signal coverage even in areas of poor reception.  We can supply SOS Fob with a roaming multi-network SIM. This has been highly effective for major clients such as Centrica, Bristol Water, Essex County Council, NHS Trusts and Wessex Water, who collectively have over 10,000+ SOS Fob devices deployed across the country in rural and coastal areas.

SOS Fob 4G

The SOS Fob is now available in a 4G version, please ask for further details.


SOS Fob comes with lots of wearable accessories, so it fits perfectly and practically into your workers' lives.

SOS Fob clip holder

SOS Fob identity badge

SOS Fob arm & belt holster


SOS Fob wristband

Red Alert from Lone Worker Solutions_85x

Red Alert

Call for help in a hurry 

Two-way voice call with discreet activation via the prominent central SOS button. The device offers complete customisation at an individual device level, including an audible dial or silent dial with the option of one- or two-way audio to the ARC.

Yellow Alert x 4.png

Yellow Alert

In case of emergency

Voice memo is activated by a secondary button, allowing lone workers to leave a recorded message providing task- or location-specific information. This can save valuable time if the worker then initiates a Red Alert.

Worker Down from Lone Worker Solutions_8

Worker Down

Impact detection

Fall and impact detection alert. Alert sensitivity can be customised up or down on individual devices or even deactivated entirely to provide best fit for every lone worker using the device. 

GPS Locate

Accurate to 2.5m

GPS location is captured in Safe Hub in real-time and used by the ARC operator to direct emergency services to the lone worker’s exact location. The GPS chipset in the device is accurate to 2.5 metres or less in normal conditions.

With SOS Fob, you don't need to worry about mistaken alerts. Users can deactivate an accidental alert by simply pressing the SOS button within 10 seconds. This directly increases adoption by lone workers.

Working with the NHS

Safe Hub on the NHS Supply Chain Framework

We are delighted that SOS Fob is now available through NHS Supply Chain. NHS Supply Chain selected the SOS Fob device from Lone Worker Solutions within the personal safety alarms product category.

It’s available to the NHS, private-sector healthcare providers, and the wider public sector. Companies within the Framework must adhere to the high standards demanded by the NHS, for the benefit of all those under its care.


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