Six Years Prison for BCDL Director

A director of construction firm, Building and Dismantling Contractors Ltd (BCDL) BCDL for six years. After being found guilty of gross negligence manslaughter. The maximum sentence is life imprisonment (as opposed to two years for an offence under the Health & Safety at Work Act). BCDL was also fined £455,000. The fine was in the highest range for a company with a turnover of less than £2m.

The penalties were handed down after the introduction of new sentencing guidelines that came into force in February 2016. The Guidelines are to be applied to organisations and individuals convicted of offences, and are designed to provide proportionate and consistent penalties.

Read the full press release about the new guidelines from the Sentencing Council here: https://www.sentencingcouncil.org.uk/news/item/new-sentencing-guidelines-introduced-for-corporate-manslaughter-health-and-safety-and-food-safety/

Read the full guidelines here: Health and Safety Offences, Corporate Manslaughter and Food Safety and Hygiene Offences Definitive Guideline