Peace of mind with lone worker protection

Here at Lone Worker Solutions, we’re committed to excellence and innovation in protecting all your lone and vulnerable workers. Our proprietary Safe Hub platform provides an in-depth and resilient lone worker safety system which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Not only does Safe Hub itself carry the highest levels of accreditation, but so does Mitec, our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

Yet Safe Hub doesn’t just protect the lone workers themselves. It also helps managers and shareholders to comply with lone working legislation. Failure to assess and mitigate the risks associated with lone working can result in hefty fines for companies and prison sentences for directors. By offering precise and prompt reporting, our management system ensures compliance with Health and Safety legislation. It helps promote a culture of safe working, by integrating safety into everyday routines. And by managing the risks that your lone workers face, you’ll improve your corporate governance. We can help make sure that you are the best employer you can be.

Safe Hub is intuitive for end-users

Safe Hub supports a full range of emergency, buddy, proactive, reactive, broadcast and virtual barrier functions. Not only does our ARC get lone workers the help they need, but these features can keep them out of trouble in the first place. All of Safe Hub’s support features are simple for anyone to use, regardless of their technical ability. We offer full training to all end-users, and encourage new users to test the system so that they’re comfortable with each feature on the platform.

The support features are simple to access on whatever device is most convenient for lone workers to use. Many lone workers will access our services through a phone, a laptop or a desktop. But for workers who aren’t in a position to use one of these to access help, we’ve developed a system which works on a suite of dedicated devices, to meet every scenario imaginable.

Easy to customise, simple to manage – and transparent in price

We know that there are many types of lone working, and that each organisation will have different needs. Utilising cutting-edge voice and data communications, Safe Hub is easy to use, simple to implement and convenient to manage. All of your users can easily be tracked, monitored and managed through an easy-to-use web-based management system.

What’s more, our transparent and straightforward pricing structure is aligned with user numbers and the level of protection that your organisation needs, based on individual risk assessments for each job role. That’s why we pride ourselves on being able to offer a bespoke service to every client. We make sure that the features, devices and apps suit each individual end-user’s needs, including bespoke levels of protection and customised escalation protocols.

Don’t just take our word for it: accreditations, certifications, awards

  • Gold standards: we are one of the few service providers to be accredited BS8484:2016 Gold by the National Security Institute. This is the British standard code of practice for lone worker devices. And Mitec, our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), is accredited to NSI Quality Schedule BS5979 Gold Category II, the highest-possible rating.

  • Sector recognition: Our platform has received a Secured by Design Award, the official UK police flagship initiative which aims to reduce crime through effective design of physical security and processes. The scheme calls for the installation and deployment of security products that meet police-approved standards. We’re also certified by the British Security Industry Association.

  • Award-winning solutions: We were awarded ‘Best Deployment of Lone Worker Technology’ at the 2016 Security and Fire Excellence Awards, for our deployment at Northumbrian Water Group. This was jointly awarded to us and our strategic partner Mitie (which runs our ARC).

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Post by George Stavrinidis

George is Chief Executive Officer of Lone Worker Solutions (LWS). He believes passionately that everyone should be protected and supported at work. George supports LWS clients to make sure they enjoy the most effective relationship with the team and maximise the effectiveness of their deployment of Safe Hub.

About Lone Worker Solutions

At Lone Worker Solutions, it’s our business to protect employees, managers and shareholders from the risks associated with working alone. This includes the potential hazards faced by staff who work by themselves, remotely, or out-of-sight or earshot of colleagues. When it comes to safety we don't believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach; instead, we tailor our solution to each organisation's exact needs.

About Safe Hub

Safe Hub is an award-winning BS8484:2016 Gold Certified package of emergency, buddy, proactive, reactive, broadcast and virtual barrier protection for lone workers. Safe Hub supports lone and remote workers on the widest possible array of devices including Android, Apple and Windows smartphones, BlackBerrys, standard mobiles, PCs, intrinsically safe devices, specialist personal safety devices and satellite phones.

Post update

This post has been updated to reflect recent changes and improvements to the naming of Lone Worker Solutions' platform and the safety features that it provides. Prior to 2018, Safe Hub was called LoneWorker Manager, Safe Check was called Heartbeat, and Group Alert was called Broadcast Messaging. These updates reflect advancements in the platform and help to improve end-user comprehension.