GDPR, 25 days and counting

GDPR, 25 days and counting

GDPR Day is just around the corner, and we want to assure all our clients and their lone workers, of our full commitment to the principles it includes. In just over three weeks data protection regulation will have fundamentally changed. Lone Worker Solutions is fully compliant with GDPR, the Data Protection Act 1998, and is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office ((ICO) registration number Z2895610).

What is GDPR?

From the 25 May, all UK-based organisations that collect and store personal information from customers, clients or service users must comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation. The new regulation cover the capture, control and consent to use of personal information. It applies to any company operating in Europe, even if they are headquartered elsewhere. The UKs exit from the EU will not affect our continued compliance with the new data legislation.

Our commitments

Lone Worker Solutions guarantees that only applicably authorised, competent and security screened personnel within the company are provided with access to end-users data for retention and/or processing purposes. All of our team members have received GDPR training so that they fully understand their own roles and responsibilities with regard to the legislation. Each is tasked with ensuring their work complies with eth requirement. We have established robust policies around data security and legislative compliance.

GDPR: Six core principles

These are the core principles upon which GDPR is based – and which we are fully committed to.

  1. Data Accuracy – all personal data that we collect and process shall be accurate and correct.

  2. Data Minimisation – we will only collect, process and retain the minimum of data that is appropriate and lawful for the purpose of safeguarding lone workers protected by Safe Hub.

  3. Integrity and Confidentiality – our systems and processes are specifically designed to ensure personal data is held securely and confidentially. We have clear and legitimate purpose behind the data we capture and hold, which is to ensure the most effective location and protection of lone workers when they need assistance.

  4. Lawfulness, fairness and transparency – we make sure that any data we hold on lone workers complies with our contractual obligations to the person’s contracted firm, and that data use is fair and transparent.

  5. Purpose limitation – we use worker’s personal information for the purpose of identifying and planning an appropriate escalation process, and enacting that process should the need arise. Additionally we must provide appropriate reporting mechanisms to aid companies in their compliance with health and safety regulations.

  6. Storage limitation – we only maintain data for the contracted period of service provision, and thereafter for legitimate legal requirements.

For more information about the GDPR, you can visit the website of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK’s data protection authority. The ICO will be providing detailed guidelines on aspects of the GDPR over coming months.

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Post by Steve White

Steve is Chief Technical Officer at Lone Worker Solutions (LWS). He works closely with the technical development team and all LWS clients to ensure the effective deployment of Safe Hub. This guarantees the correct integration of Safe Hub with existing and legacy systems, its appropriate scalability, and the efficient operation of systems.

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At Lone Worker Solutions, it’s our business to protect employees, managers and shareholders from the risks associated with working alone. This includes the potential hazards faced by staff who work by themselves, remotely, or out-of-sight or earshot of colleagues. When it comes to safety we don't believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach; instead, we tailor our solution to each organisation's exact needs.

About Safe Hub

Safe Hub is an award-winning BS8484:2016 Gold Certified package of emergency, buddy, proactive, reactive, broadcast and virtual barrier protection for lone workers. Safe Hub supports lone and remote workers on the widest possible array of devices including Android, Apple and Windows smartphones, BlackBerrys, standard mobiles, PCs, intrinsically safe devices, specialist personal safety devices and satellite phones.