Out of sight but not out of mind – protecting staff in the health sector

Out of sight but not out of mind – protecting staff in the health sector

There are hundreds of thousands of people employed in the healthcare sector – but are their workplaces protecting their own physical and mental wellbeing?

Think someone who works in the health profession and an image of a white-coated doctor springs to mind or a green-clad paramedic speeding through the streets in an ambulance wailing with sirens. But while these high visibility roles come with their own risks, there are many more unseen people working behind the scenes. Thousands of office and administrative workers work alone or out of sight and sound of colleagues every single day. Think of the records assistant, tucked away in a back office in a huge, sprawling NHS hospital. Or a hospital security guard patrolling the corridors at 2am with nothing but a vending machine for company. How about the switchboard operator manning a phone line, or the personal assistant working in an office out of hours.

Dedicated safety devices

That’s where Safe Hub steps in. All of our dedicated safety devices and apps are easily accessible and feature a prominent emergency button to trigger a Red Alert if the user feels in a vulnerable or threatening situation. Our SOS Fob and Protect Me devices connects users directly with the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). ARC staff will then direct emergency response workers in the fastest possible time using their GP location. The Safe Hub app allows staff to use their own mobile device if preferred, to access the ARC. Personal and professional safety at the touch of a button, right next to someone’s Google Maps and Instagram.

Wearable safety devices for NHS lone workers

If a wearable device is preferable, the SOS Button connects to the worker to the ARC via their smartphone app. Meanwhile, Safe Check requires periodic welfare check-ins, while our Worker Down feature monitors the movement and orientation of a user’s handset. So whether someone has to walk through a deserted car park at night after a shift to reach their car, or if they work in a remote part of a facility, Safe Hub has every possible outcome protected.

Safe Hub is made to be both discreet and durable, but sometimes discretion isn’t always needed. If a worker is clearly wearing a piece of safety kit, it could potentially make someone think twice about they act or behave towards them, whether that is a predatory colleague, person unknown, patient or member of the public. Safe Hub works hard to make sure a lone worker is able to do their job, free from harm or distress. Now that’s what we call good health and safety practice!

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Post by George Stavrinidis

George believes that everyone should be protected while working. Particularly those whose role means they can be alone or out-of-sight of colleagues and can, therefore, face increased risks to health and safety. As the CEO of Lone Worker Solutions, he leads a fantastic team who have developed Safe Hub; a state-of-the-art system designed to provide protection and support for lone and remote workers in real-world situations.

About Lone Worker Solutions

At Lone Worker Solutions, it’s our business to protect employees, managers and shareholders from the risks associated with working alone. This includes the potential hazards faced by staff who work by themselves, remotely, or out-of-sight or earshot of colleagues. When it comes to safety we don't believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach; instead, we tailor our solution to each organisation's exact needs.

About Safe Hub

Safe Hub is an award-winning package of emergency, buddy, proactive, reactive, widest and virtual barrier protection for lone workers. Safe Hub supports lone and remote workers on the widest possible array of BS8484:2016 Gold Certified devices, including Android, Apple and Windows smartphones, BlackBerrys, standard mobiles, PCs, intrinsically safe devices, specialist personal safety devices and satellite phones.