How to stop utility representatives being seen as the enemy

How to stop utility representatives being seen as the enemy

The old proverb goes that an Englishman’s (or woman’s) home is their castle. Their kingdom and territory, somewhere equipped with home comforts, rules and rituals and a place of personal security. Whether it is a one-bedroom flat or a six-bedroom townhouse, that castle is there to keep them safe and potentially to keep others out. So, when someone arrives on their doorstep at an inconvenient time, or to turn off a power supply because a bill hasn’t been paid, a tense situation can quickly develop.

Working in someone else’s home can be intimidating

Lone workers in the utility sector are on the frontline of doing this every single day. They are the ones going into people’s homes to do the job they have been trained for and are paid for: from fitting and repairing equipment to make sure lives run smoothly, to the more unwelcome aspect of having to turn someone’s phone line off.

Luckily most of the time it’s a positive, straightforward experience but there are always unknowns to consider when entering a private property, especially if the householder or tenant’s emotions are running high. Add to the mix a family dog or pet who might not be pleased to see to a stranger on their territory. It can be extremely intimidating, especially when you’re on someone else’s turf and thus vital that a lone worker has the proper backup. Luckily, Safe Hub is there for that peace of mind: before, during and after the job is carried out.

Three key features to protect lone workers

Number 1: Safe Hub's Yellow Alert feature allows a worker to leave a recorded message with location-specific information, so others know exactly where they are.

Number 2: the Safe Check is a periodic welfare ‘check-in’ directly managed by the lone worker. All they need to do is confirm their welfare by replying to automated prompts at set time intervals. In the event that a worker doesn’t respond, the issue is flagged at the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

Number 3: If things do escalate, the Red Alert function is there to provide immediate support. If a lone worker feels at imminent risk of danger, they select the Red Alert button, and this will open a two-way call with the ARC, who will be able to direct emergency services to the worker’s location. The ARC work 27/7, 365 days a year so a lone worker can enter a property, safe in the knowledge that help is always there. The two-way system means an ARC operative can actively listen in as events unfold, also providing a critical secondary witness to back up the lone worker’s version of events, should the need arise later. Moreover, all calls to the ARC are recorded and can be used if a prosecution arises.

Luckily most keepers of their castles do turn out to be friendly; welcoming workers in with a smile at the very least, or maybe even a cup of tea. However, there is always the threat of the unknown and encountering aggression from the person(s) at a property. If a lone worker IS going into a potential lion’s den, it’s essential that they are properly protected.

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Post by Rob Gilbert

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