The art of discretion? Wearable SOS devices

The art of discretion? Wearable SOS devices

The angry and tired husband who is shouting about his sick wife who is waiting to be seen by a doctor. The drunk and injured person who is volatile and physically violent. Scared, angry people who can often lash out at the very person there to help them. The reality is that when you are a healthcare professional, you are potentially dealing with people, or patients, who could be in a lot of pain. Add to the mix family members who are upset or worried (who might generally avoid being in the same room together), tempers can fray, and environments can quickly change and become volatile. For health professionals in charge of administering treatment or advice in such situations - be it a junior doctor doing ward rounds, paramedic, doctor’s receptionist, GP, or a district nurse entering someone’s home - it’s vital to have the right processes in place should they ever feel their personal safety is in danger. However, when emotions are already running high, how do you effectively summon help without escalating what could already a high-stress situation?

Our SOS devices are discreet, lightweight and powerful; providing support with just the press of a button.

Discreet but powerful: SOS Fob

SOS Fob is the perfect discreet personal device for the health worker who is feeling under pressure. It’s a lightweight, compact and waterproof lone working device which can be conveniently attached to an ID badge or armband. SOS Fob deploys two key technologies: Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM). Together these enable the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to locate a lone worker and communicate with them via Safe Hub in the event of an emergency. The emergency button lets workers trigger a Red Alert quickly. The device then connects the worker with high-quality, two-way audio to the ARC who can direct help to their exact location. Also, built-in motion and shock sensors support our reactive Worker Down feature; so if an impact is detected the system automatically raises a Red Alert.

Lightweight and wearable: SOS Button

Our wearable SOS Button is ideal for staff in patient-facing roles where uniform and clothing restrictions would prohibit a larger device. The device can be worn on the wrist, hung around the neck on a lanyard, worn on a clip, or just kept in a pocket. Once pressed, the button connects with the worker’s smartphone or computer app, and Safe Hub triggers a Red Alert which transmits directly to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Together, these enable the ARC to locate them in the event of an emergency.

Although discreet, in extreme circumstances these devices can demonstrate that a health worker can summon support. Merely using the devices can send out the reassuring – and firm - message: ‘I am not alone.’

Whether you wear your safety on your sleeve, or around your neck, our SOS devices are here to protect you in your hour of need. The beauty is that no one ever needs to know about it. So, it's safe to go about your job, knowing that if you need it, help is just the press of a button away.

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Post by Charles Stark

Charles is Account Executive at Lone Worker Solutions (LWS). He introduces new clients to Safe Hub, our award-winning system to protect and monitor lone workers.

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