SPOT Gen3: Strong protection when phone signal is weak

SPOT Gen3 and Safe Hub

For lone workers in remote areas, there are plenty of red flags when assessing the risks they face. Mobile signals may be weak, intermittent or non-existent. This means that smartphones won’t be enough to get them emergency help should they need it. Even if they’re not immediately in trouble, they may need a virtual buddy. This might include leaving details of particular procedures they are due to undertake, or contextual detail of their location. For clients needing to think about lone worker safety in situations such as these, we would recommend deploying SPOT Gen3.

Satellite devices provide the support which lone workers need

SPOT Gen3 is the latest generation of award-winning Spot satellite device. SPOT Gen3 has a range of features which fit seamlessly into our proprietary Safe Hub platform. This software connects SPOT Gen3 to two key communications technologies: Global Positioning System (GPS), and the Global System for Mobile communications (GSM). GPS provides location data to Mitec’s Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) automatically every 10 minutes, and continuously in an emergency. This allows ARC operators to pinpoint your lone worker to within 10 metres. Meanwhile, GSM delivers mobile voice and data services, so the user can speak to ARC staff directly.

Red Alert for an emergency

SPOT Gen3 is automatically fitted with our Red Alert feature. The SOS button allows users to call for immediate assistance should they need it with our Red Alert feature. In an emergency the user simply presses and holds the SOS button to raise an alarm. They are immediately connected with an ARC operative who will have access to their personal profile and GPS location. The call will be recorded, and can include discrete panic words.

Deploying SPOT Gen3 in your organisation

For lone and vulnerable workers who operate in more remote areas where mobile phone signals are weak or intermittent, SPOT Gen3 is ideal. It’s durable and designed for extreme conditions. For instance, the device would suit surveyors or safety inspectors who are often in the field or operating in mobile phone blackspots.

SPOT Gen3: key features at a glance

  • Fits in the palm of a hand (87mm x 65mm x 25mm), and weighs just 114g, with Lithium batteries.

  • Features a prominent SOS emergency button, and secondary call button.

  • Display includes power, GPS/GSM connection and Message Sending indicator lights.

  • Operates in a temperature range of -30 degrees C to +60 degrees C, and in very humid conditions.

  • Operates at altitudes from -100 metres to +6,500 metres.

  • Vibration-rated and waterproof (Rated IPx7, equating to 1 metre depth for up to 30 minutes)

  • Fitted with 4 x AAA Lithium 8xbatteries, or 4 x AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries (NH12), and can be charged using a 5v USB connection

  • Battery life up to three months (depending on operating conditions)

Safe Hub is an award-winning system that locates lone workers in a crisis, directing emergency support in the fastest possible time. Talk to Lone Worker Solutions today to find out how we can help you meet your commitments to your lone and remote workers.