ProtectMe the advanced lone working device

ProtectMe the advanced lone working device

Periodically, we like to showcase our dedicated lone worker safety devices in our blog. This time round, it’s the turn of ProtectMe. Ideally suited to working alone, the product is low-cost, durable and extremely easy to use. What’s more, it’s the most feature-rich dedicated device on the market and supports the full range of Safe Hub features.

ProtectMe provides maximum protection for people working alone

ProtectMe is a powerful GSM/GPS-enabled personal tracking device. A prominent emergency button provides an SOS link to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for those needing help when working alone. A secondary button allows users to leave a voice memo messages which the ARC can access in an emergency. Meanwhile, ProtectMe’s screen allows users to set certain interval functions themselves, and to access safety messages. Meanwhile, Safe Hub also takes advantage of in-built motion and shock sensors. And to maximise signal coverage even in areas of poor reception, we can supply ProtectMe with a roaming multi-network SIM.

A further key benefit our ProtectMe provides over competitor devices is the option for a user to deactivate an accidental alert. People working alone who have triggered a false alarm simply need to press the SOS button within 10 seconds of the initial alert. This avoids any nuisance alerts and directly increases adoption by lone workers.

ProtectMe’s emergency, virtual buddy and reactive functions

We’re proud to have a device which supports all our Safe Hub safety functions. For emergency support, it’s easy for lone workers to trigger a Red Alert. In an emergency the user simply presses and holds the SOS button to raise an alarm. They are immediately connected with an ARC operative who will have access to their personal profile and GPS location. Calls are recorded and can include discrete panic words. Backing up this function, we also have our Yellow Alert (virtual buddy) feature. Users can leave a voice message, advising ARC staff that they are entering a potentially hazardous situation. In an emergency the ARC will access the recording along with the last known location, dispatching emergency support if needed.

For those at risk of slips, trips and falls, ProtectMe also offers our Worker Down (reactive alarm)

Feature. This takes advantage of ProtectMe’s fall-detection function. If enough force is detected, the device enters a standby mode. It waits for 5 seconds, and if there has been no movement in that time, then a ’10-beep’ countdown begins. If the countdown is not cancelled the device automatically raises an alarm with the ARC.

Proactive support and stopping workers getting into trouble in the first place

For people working alone who need to check in periodically, ProtectMe also offers our Safe Check (proactive support) feature. Essentially, this periodic check is a way for lone workers to signal their welfare. Once activated, the platform will send a message for the lone worker to respond to at a pre-determined interval. Should the lone worker fail to respond, then the platform will trigger an alarm with the ARC.

Now for the science bit: ProtectMe’s tech specs

  • High-quality two-way audio.

  • BS8484:2016 Gold Certified.

  • Motion and shock sensors.

  • LED indicators for power and connectivity.

  • Long standby time, micro USB and cradle charger.

  • Two-way audio, microphone sensitive up to 4 metres.

  • Chargeable Li-ion 100mAh battery and micro USB cable

  • Dimensions: 92mm x 44mm x 17.9mm.

  • Display: 128x96 pixels, 1.3” white OLED display.

  • Fall detector alarm from 3-axis accelerometer.

  • GPS Ublox chipset accurate to 2.5m

  • GSM/GPRS Quad band: 850 / 900/1800/1900 MHz

  • Low-Power Alarm

  • Operating Temperature: -20₀C to +55₀C.

  • Charged in 4 hours, with 10 days standby time.

  • Cold start 27 sec, warm start 27 sec, hot start 1 sec.

  • Weighs 74g

You can find out more about the ProtectMe device or arrange a free demo by using the contact information below. Contact Lone Worker Solutions and the Safe Hub team today

Post by Charles Stark

Charles is Account Executive at Lone Worker Solutions (LWS). He introduces new clients to Safe Hub, our award-winning system to protect and monitor lone workers.

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