Protecting healthcare lone workers from self-defence classes to Safe Hub

Protecting healthcare lone workers from self-defence classes to Safe Hub

More than many other job roles, frontline healthcare staff have to deal with people in distress on a daily basis. Sadly, with this distress can come violence, threats and abuse. In a previous blog, we covered the UK government’s strategy to crack down on violence against NHS workers which was released back in November 2018. But a recent story on the BBC website shows that there are a number of different tactics and techniques that NHS workers are using to protect themselves on the ground. And of course, Lone Worker Solutions is on hand to protect healthcare lone workers too.

Training healthcare lone workers in self-defence and conflict resolution

Over 300 million GP appointments took place in England in 2018. Unfortunately, staff said they were being subjected to growing levels of physical and verbal abuse from patients. NHS England rightly states that staff should be able to carry out their work without fear. It runs the Special Allocation Scheme, a register for violent or abusive patients. More than 3,000 violent patients in England were barred from seeing their GP in 2018 under the scheme. But as highlighted in this week’s BBC news story, there are examples of GP practices giving their employees self-defence training, in response to rising levels of violence and abuse. Read the full story here >

For healthcare lone workers, it’s especially important to have a toolkit of skills to call upon in the face of violence and abuse. For individuals in frontline roles, many NHS agencies provide specialist training around conflict resolution. We also looked at this in our previous blog, focusing on the tactics healthcare lone workers can deploy to deal with aggressive behaviour . This can include active listening and empathy, through to reading body language and maintaining a neutral posture. It’s important to stay positive in order to stay safe in the face of disruptive behaviours such as yelling, or refusing to follow instructions.

Safe Hub protects healthcare lone workers as part of the NHS Supply Chain Framework

When things do get tricky, Safe Hub helps healthcare lone workers in a crisis. Lone Worker Solutions already has a number of healthcare clients, providing lone worker safety to the sector. You can read our case study about our work with Locala Community Partnerships here (https://www.loneworkersolutions.com/case-study-locala). What’s more, we’re proud to be part of the NHS Supply Chain Framework which came into effect in September 2018. The 2-year programme is available to the NHS, private-sector healthcare providers, and the wider public sector. The intention is to make procurement of lone worker safety services a simple, quick and efficient process.

Our SOS Fob device was chosen within the personal safety alarms product category. However, NHS Trusts and other healthcare providers will be able to access the full range of our apps and devices within the Safe Hub system. All our services are certified to BS8484:2016 standards and hold the coveted Secured by Design award. Healthcare providers choose the non-direct or direct procurement route. Either way, we commit to offering the lowest possible pricing for healthcare providers to access our services, whether they choose to lease or purchase our devices.

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Post by Rob Gilbert

Rob is Chief Sales Officer at Lone Worker Solutions (LWS). He is responsible for introducing new clients to the benefits of Safe Hub, and ensuring their experience is straightforward, simple and truly effective. His consultative, customer-focused approach means our clients have full access to every possible resource to achieve lasting, best-of-breed solutions and service excellence.