Alarm Receiving Centres are a critical link in the Safe Hub lone worker safety system

Throughout lockdown, we’ve lauded those key workers who’ve looked after us and kept the UK going. But there are whole cohorts of workers who remain unsung because their work sits behind the scenes. One such group are the highly trained staff at Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs). Even during the coronavirus pandemic, these centres have been operating at full capacity. In this blog, we’re going to take a closer look at ARCs and the standards that they hold to in order to power our Safe Hub lone worker safety system.

The best Alarm Receiving Centres in the world

To provide a seamless service to our clients and their lone workers, we need ARCs that are utterly reliable. The cost of building a fully certified alert response facility runs into millions. And it’s vital to invest in a back-up and secondary site that’s just as advanced as the primary site. That way, the ARC can ensure a seamless service in the unlikely case of site failure. Here at Lone Worker Solutions, we have chosen not to build our own facility, which would inevitably place limitations on service and development. Instead, we partner with the largest and most technically advanced alarm response providers in the world.

Our ARC partners have developed state-of-the-art facilities accredited and used by national agencies. They offer unparalleled training for alert handling operatives and the most robust equipment. What’s more, our ARC partners have industry-leading standards for resilience and business continuity too. They have robust back-ups and alternative sites which provide the same high levels of service. And in the event of a catastrophic failure at one of our partners, we would still provide a seamless service. That’s because we work with several BS 5979 Category II-rated partners, and we have contingencies in place to ensure a transition to an alternative accredited alarm response provider without disruption.

Alarm response that exceeds industry standards

For true lone worker safety, it stands to reason that the effectiveness of the alert handling facility will make all the difference in a crisis. A fast ‘first response’, accurate assessment, pin-sharp GPS, and rapid deployment of emergency services are all absolutely vital. It’s also critical that the alert response system is matched perfectly to the needs of your organisation and the lone workers you are protecting.

The fundamental test for an ARC is how they work with the emergency services. Thanks to their excellence and accreditation, our ARC partners can bypass regular emergency service procedures. Where an incident warrants such escalation, alerts can be routed through to police and receive a Level 1 response. We’re confident that our services, and our ARC partners, are rated and certified at the highest possible levels. This is borne out by the fact that the alarm response we commit to contractually for our clients actually exceeds industry standards.

Flexible systems for every type of client

Our model of outsourcing to trusted ARC partners means we can seamlessly connect to an ARC in any chosen territory. It's a clear benefit; an engineer working in New York needs access to a US-based alarm response centre just as their London-based counterpart needs access to a UK ARC. Meanwhile, for larger clients who already deploy an in-house call centre for alarm response, Safe Hub can easily be ported into an existing system. This flexibility is a critical way in which our service is differentiated from competitor systems.

It’s always important for customers and clients to know they’re getting the best possible service. Our partners have achieved and often exceeded the highest levels of certification and accreditation. Their approach to development and innovation means we also have the benefit of the highest future-proof technology and systems. We’re proud that our lone worker devices are rated BS 8484:2016 Gold Certified. And our ARC partners all follow the code of practice under BS 5979 Category II Remote Centres Receiving Signals from Fire and Security Systems. This is one of three standards which can provide a best-in-class solution.

Round-the-clock support for lone workers

We know that lone workers can’t choose when they need support. Whether it’s an accident or an incident, lone workers need access to the broadest possible range of safety features. And they need to rely on a continuous service, which can respond to their needs at any time of night or day. That’s exactly what our ARC partners deliver within the Safe Hub lone worker safety system. With Safe Hub devices or apps on their person, our reliable ARCs provide that critical link to emergency services. #ARC #BS8484 #BS5979 #GoldStandard #LoneWorkerSafety

Contact Lone Worker Solutions and the Safe Hub team today to find out more about how our ARC partners deliver first-rate, 24/7 lone worker support.

Post by Steve White

Steve is Chief Technical Officer at Lone Worker Solutions (LWS). He works closely with the technical development team and all LWS clients to ensure the effective deployment of Safe Hub. This guarantees the correct integration of Safe Hub with existing and legacy systems, its appropriate scalability, and the efficient operation of systems.

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