ProtectMe keeps lone workers stay safe wherever they are

ProtectMe lightweight discreet device from Lone Worker Solutions
ProtectMe is a lightweight, discreet device from Lone Worker Solutions

In an emergency, lone workers might not have time to think. They need a device that’s simple to use, durable and powerful. That’s the beauty of our ProtectMe device. Boasting a screen and simple control buttons, it’s extremely easy for lone workers to learn how to use. And with a full range of Safe Hub functions available, it can help in a variety of situations. In this blog, we shine a spotlight on ProtectMe.

A feature-rich, lightweight and discreet device for lone workers

ProtectMe is a powerful GSM/GPS-enabled personal tracking device. Ideally suited to lone workers, the product is low-cost, durable and extremely easy to use. What’s more, it’s the most feature-rich dedicated device on the market and supports the full range of Safe Hub features. To maximise signal coverage even in areas of poor reception, we can supply ProtectMe with a roaming multi-network SIM.

A prominent SOS button triggers a two-way connection with our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) in the event that a lone worker wants to trigger a Red Alert. The lone worker can leave a Yellow Alert voice memo message with the ARC too, to give salient information before entering a hazardous situation. ProtectMe’s screen allows users to choose their own safety interval on the proactive Safe Check feature. Additionally, in-built sensors raise an alert with the ARC via the reactive Worker Down feature if they detect a fall or impact.

A further key benefit our ProtectMe provides over competitor devices is the option for a user to deactivate an accidental alert by simply pressing the SOS button within 10 seconds. This avoids any nuisance alerts and directly increases adoption by lone workers.

ProtectMe offers all the Safe Hub key functions and features

To trigger a Red Alert (emergency support), a lone worker need only press and hold the SOS button to raise an alarm. They’ll immediately be connected with an ARC operative, who will have access to their personal profile and GPS location. The ARC operative will actively listen, and follow that individual’s escalation process, including any discreet panic words. They can direct the right help to the scene. Calls are recorded and can be used as evidence in any investigation.

With a Yellow Alert (voice memo), a lone worker can leave a voice message, advising ARC staff that they are entering a potentially hazardous situation. In an emergency the ARC will access the recording along with the last known location, dispatching emergency support if needed.

With Worker Down (impact detection alarm), lone workers get reactive help. Safe Hub uses the motion sensors in ProtectMe to monitor the movement of the handset and its orientation. If, for example, the handset hasn’t moved for a length of time this could indicate that a lone worker requires emergency help.

Safe Check provides proactive support in the form of a periodic welfare check. Once activated the Safe Hub platform will send a message for the lone worker to respond to at pre-determined intervals. Should the lone worker fail to respond, the platform will trigger an alarm with the ARC. Lone workers can set intervals that suit their working day; for instance, if they have a series of meetings which typically last an hour, they can set the timer accordingly.

Here’s the technical bit: ProtectMe’s specifications

  • High-quality two-way audio.

  • BS8484:2016 Gold Certified.

  • LED indicators for power and connectivity.

  • Long standby time, micro USB and cradle charger.

  • Two-way audio, microphone sensitive up to 4m.

  • Chargeable Li-ion 100mAh battery and micro USB.

  • Display128x96, 1.3” white OLED display.

  • Fall detector alarm from 3-axis accelerometer.

  • GPS Ublox chipset accurate to 2.5m.

  • Charged in 4 hours, with 10 days standby.

  • Weighs 74g

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Post by Henry Robinson

Henry is Senior Account Executive at Lone Worker Solutions (LWS). He works with existing clients and introduces new clients to Safe Hub, our award-winning system to protect and monitor lone workers. Safe Hub supports lone and remote workers on the widest possible array of BS8484:2016 Gold Certified devices. It is a package of buddy, proactive, reactive, broadcast and virtual barrier protection for lone workers.