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Safe Hub, from Lone Worker Solutions, is an award-winning locate-and-respond protection system for people who work alone or out of sight of colleagues. It offers a comprehensive package of features including emergency, buddy, reactive, proactive, broadcast and virtual barrier protection for all lone working scenarios.


Safe Hub supports the broadest possible array of devices including Android, Apple and Windows smartphones, BlackBerry, standard mobiles, PCs, intrinsically safe devices, specialist lone working safety devices and satellite phones.

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8 great reasons to

choose Safe Hub

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Free trials to get the best fit

Choosing the perfect protection system for lone and remote workers is an important process. We will always let you try Safe Hub on an appropriate device so you can be sure it's ideally suited to your company's needs.

Pay as you go pricing

Straightforward and transparent, our pricing model is fully aligned with user numbers. We will help you to plan the exact levels of protection that are needed for effective lone worker monitoring. This delivers a low total cost of ownership.

No set-up or training costs

Our contracts are designed so you pay only for the protection you need. There are no costs for setting up contracts. And, because we want all of your lone and remote workers to get the most from Safe Hub, we provide all necessary training free of charge.

Customise for your team

Safe Hub provides the highest degree of flexibility around the number of staff who are covered, and the level of protection that each requires.

You can allocate protection, monitoring and escalation procedures tailored to each lone worker’s risk assessment.

Devices for every worker

Safe Hub supports the broadest possible range of products — including an array of discreet, wearable, satellite, intrinsically safe and ruggedized devices.


On top of that, we’ve developed an innovative app that works on Apple iOS, Android and even Windows smartphones, BlackBerrys and standard mobile phones.

Comprehensive features

At Lone Worker Solutions we know that lone working scenarios vary from one organisation to another. And that means safety features have to be flexible and suitable for each scenario. That's why we've developed Safe Hub to offer six types of advanced protection: emergency, buddy, reactive, proactive, broadcast and virtual barrier functions.

BS8484:2016 Gold Certified

We are one of very few service providers to hold the BS8484:2016 Gold Certification from the National Security Inspectorate (NSI).

Both Safe Hub and our Alarm Receiving Centre are gold certified. So we can bypass normal 999 emergency services, getting help to the worker's location in the fastest possible time.

State-of-the-art ARC

Safe Hub is supported by Mitec, the state-of-the-art Technology Centre and CAT II Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), accredited to BS5979 Gold, Category II.


Operating 24/7/365, Mitec’s ARC processes alerts from Safe Hub using voice and data communications technologies.

And yes, you can cherry-pick the bits you want, without paying for support you don't need.