Welcome to Lone Worker Solutions

Lone Worker Solutions brings together a comprehensive suite of services including: proprietary software, intuitive end-user functionality, dedicated and legacy devices, and use of the MiTec state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC); to deliver the most complete support and protection system for all lone workers, both on-site and off-site.

The platform

LoneWorker Manager™ is a multi-functional, secure web-based management system that communicates with a suite of integrated safety applications, offering organisations complete protection for lone workers. This proprietary platform provides organisations with an in-depth BS8484 certified and resilient, global safety system that protects and monitors lone workers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Easy to use and fully customisable

Utilising voice and data communications technologies the system is easy to use, simple to implement, and convenient to manage. It provides the highest degree of flexibility around the number of lone workers that are supported, and the level of protection and monitoring that each requires.

  • Allocate protection and monitoring solutions tailored to each lone worker’s risk assessment.
  • Define escalation and response procedures bespoke to each lone worker.
  • Activate and deactivate protection and monitoring as required
  • Communicate with, identify, locate, report and respond to individual lone workers.

End-user intuitive functionality

The support features of LoneWorker Manager™ offer your lone workers exceptional functionality, tailored to their specific needs. Features such as Push4Help, Heartbeat and Worker Down, provide crises assistance, pre-set safety monitoring and emergency alerts whenever needed. These functions are easy to use and offer end-users genuine support and protection.

Supports all devices

The LoneWorker Manager™ platform is completely device and network agnostic. The system works by using multiple communication technologies to safely monitor and communicate with lone workers via any smartphone (all operating systems including Android, iOS and Windows), mobile, computer or dedicated device.

The system can be used on lone worker-owned devices and company-owned legacy equipment. In addition Lone Worker Solutions can provide a comprehensive range of best-of-breed and intrinsically safe dedicated devices, including satellite phones for use in low-signal areas.

State-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

LoneWorker Manager™ is supported by the new MiTec state-of-the-art Technology Centre and CAT II ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre), now accredited to the British Standard BS 8484:2011.

Operating 24/7/365, MiTec’s ARC manages alerts from the LoneWorker Manager™ platform which utilises existing voice and data communications technologies to reactively or proactively monitor lone workers.

Cost effective

Costs are completely aligned with user numbers and the level of protection demanded following individual risk assessments. The applications allow the use of existing / legacy equipment, negating the need to invest in new devices, hence reducing CAPEX bills and the additional maintenance and management costs of alternative and/or, secondary dedicated devices.

LoneWorker Manager™ Accreditations

British Standard for Lone Worker Device Services

Lone Worker: Accreditations

* Please note in order to gain approval against the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) element of BS8484, the ARC's utilised in our solutions have to be approved against BS5979 Category II.