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About Lone Worker Solutions

Our Business

Lone Worker Solutions Ltd (LWS) has developed innovative software, LoneWorker Manager™; a multi-functional, secure, web-based system with integrated safety applications. The system offers organisations a complete solution which enables them to manage and protect their lone working personnel. Our applications facilitate the use of existing or legacy equipment, reducing expenditure by negating the need to purchase new devices, and removing the hassle of alternative or secondary dedicated devices. We are also the only company that offers a desktop application to protect lone workers at home or in unattended offices.

Why you should work with Lone Worker Solutions

Our business is about protecting employees, managers and shareholders from the risks associated with individuals who work alone, by using our leading software platform and expertise. We do not believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, instead we take a consultative approach and tailor solutions to each client’s operational and cultural requirements.

For Employees
We are completely device agnostic meaning any mobile phone or other specialist device can be used to offer proactive protection whilst working in high, medium or low risk environments. LoneWorker Manager™ is connected to MiTec’s state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), where an alarm is automatically raised in the event of an accident or assault. Our free training and consultative approach ensures ease of use and immediate escalation should the worst happen.

For Managers
Our web-based software enables the highest levels of visibility combined with class leading alarm response facilities. With in depth engagement throughout your organisation from the outset, often utilising existing mobile hardware, we offer highly competitive, flexible pricing, seamless implementation and maximum compliance to agreed policies.

For Shareholders
The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 represented a step change in the consequences for an organisation found to be in breach of its Duty of Care to its employees (including self-employed personnel, subcontractors, visitors to its premises and members of the public). Crucially, an organisation is deemed guilty of corporate manslaughter if there is a ‘failure of the management system’, not necessarily attributable to one individual or group of individuals. Any guilty verdict potentially results in unlimited fines. Advice from the UK Sentencing Guidelines Council (SGC) stated “the appropriate fine will seldom be less than £500,000 and may be measured in millions of pounds”; the first prosecution resulted in the convicted company being fined ten per cent of its annual turnover for ten years.

Deploying our solution enables any organisation to demonstrate best practice in this vital area.

Lone Worker Solutions Ltd. is a company limited by shares. Registered in England and Wales. Registered Number: 06999425. Registered office: 2C Crown Business Park, Cowm Top Lane, Rochdale, OL11 2PU. VAT Number: 993 6668 50.

Seven Key Benefits of Lone Worker Solutions

  1. We offer a complete solution: everything you need to protect and support lone workers in one package.
  2. We are device-agnostic, our services integrate with most devices and technologies.
  3. No additional set up or training costs.
  4. Simple and flexible pricing, closer to a pay as you go model.
  5. Free trials available.
  6. We are linked with a state of the art 24/7 Alarm Response Centre (ARC).
  7. We are BS8484 certified.


British Standard for Lone Worker Device Services

Lone Worker: Accreditations

* Please note in order to gain approval against the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) element of BS8484, the ARC's utilised in our solutions have to be approved against BS5979 Category II.