Worker Down

Lone Worker Solutions: Worker Down

Lone Worker Down emergency response system

The Lone Worker Down safety module offers even greater levels of lone worker monitoring and support.

You may well have lone workers who are at greater risk than others whilst going about their duties. Slips, trips and falls from height may be a particular hazard, or perhaps you have people working alone in remote locations or in high-risk roles like night security.

Lone Worker Down adds in-built motion sensors to mobile handsets. LoneWorker Manager™ then monitors the movement of the handset and its orientation. If, for example, the handset hasn’t moved for a length of time this could indicate that a lone worker requires emergency help, perhaps after a fall or incident.

LoneWorker Manager™ will raise an alert with the Alarm Receiving Centre and the lone worker’s location will be identified using GPS.

You can attempt to contact the worker via his or her handset, but if there’s no response then you can despatch appropriate emergency help quickly to wherever your lone worker is.

As with all of our lone worker emergency response systems, all data sent and received will be accurately logged to ensure your compliance with all lone worker duty of care and H&S legislation.

If you’d like to get up to speed on Lone Worker Down and the full suite of LoneWorker Manager™ monitoring systems, we’d be delighted to give you a complete demo. Just call 0161 885 2122.

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