Supporting lone workers in manufacturing and construction roles

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Hazardous environments and materials abound

This sector is diverse, with manufacturing industries accounting for some 2.5 million workers in the UK, and construction for a further 2.1 million. Typically, there are many roles in the manufacturing and construction sectors where working alone is a major component of the job.

Manufacturing and construction consistently have higher than average rates of workplace injury than other sectors. Perhaps unsurprisingly, falls from a height and slips and trips on the same level account for the most frequent causes of such accidents in construction. Safe Hub provides invaluable emergency, proactive, reactive and virtual barrier protection to such workers.

Patrolling premises & working late

Day and night workers facing risks

There are some lone working roles in manufacturing and construction that are not immediately obvious. For instance, take a security guard on the night shift at a manufacturing facility. Risks centre on potential aggressors, especially if there are valuable materials on-site such as precious metals. There may also be general risks associated with shift work during anti-social hours, including worker down scenarios or health emergencies.

Safe Hub’s range of features are especially useful, whether it’s on an app or a dedicated device. Red Alert puts the security guard in direct contact with the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) in an emergency.

Safe Hub identifies the worker's location via GPS and highly trained operatives at the ARC can direct emergency services directly there. With Safe Check on the Safe Hub smartphone app, the guard can check-in at agreed intervals by responding to automated prompts to confirm their status.

Foreman using walkie-talkie and safety b

Hazardous materials

Guidance and control measures

More than in many other sectors, manufacturing and construction use a range of hazardous materials. Under the UK’s Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) legislation, employers need to prevent or reduce workers' exposure to such substances. If dealing with these materials is part of a lone worker’s job function, then Safe Hub can help to mitigate these risks. With the Safe Beacon virtual barrier feature, Safe Hub can provide workers entering a COSHH-restricted area with dynamic risk notifications and inform managers of the worker’s presence.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has useful guidance for companies in the manufacturing and construction sectors in the UK. This includes everything from general health and safety management through to dealing with maintenance shutdowns.

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Intrinsically Safe Devices


SPOT X Satellite phone


American Water

Safe Hub deployed across 47 states in the USA

In 2016, American Water selected us to provide lone worker protection services. As the largest publicly traded water and wastewater utility company in the US, it serves 15 million people across 47 states. We deployed our proprietary platform, Safe Hub, via apps for both Android and Apple iOS smartphones to meet their workers’ specific needs and improve safety. One key factor was that we were able to install our proprietary monitoring software on their network, allowing the company’s Security Team to monitor workers’ safety themselves.


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