Looking after lone workers

in the retail and leisure sectors

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A nation of  shopkeepers

Face a dramatic rise in abuse

The retail sector alone is a massive contributor to the UK economy, with an estimated 2.77 million workers making it the biggest private-sector employer in the country. Many of the risks associated with lone working in this sector focus on interaction with the public, particularly the threat of being attacked or intimidated by thieves. Safe Hub provides vital emergency and proactive support to mitigate these risks.


Face a dramatic rise in abuse

The most crucial element for lone worker safety and wellbeing in the sector is the recent significant rise in violence against staff. A large proportion of aggressive incidents are thought to be linked to the act of shoplifting, and abuse is particularly likely to occur when a confrontation takes place around an attempted theft.

With the increasing number of major supermarket brands having small local outlets, there has been an increase in coordinated robbery attacks in certain parts of the UK. Safe Hub directly addresses all these issues, as workers can reach our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which has priority access to emergency services.

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Leisure sector

Night shifts and closing up

One particular risk scenario is staying after hours to perform a stock check and cash up. A lone worker will potentially be leaving the premises hours after the rest of the staff have already left for the night, putting themselves at risk of attack or aggression from a thief or mugger.

Safe Hub can address such concerns, with our dedicated lone worker safety devices or apps. While they remain on the premises, Safe Check offers a periodic welfare check to make sure they’re out of harm’s way. As they’re exiting the building and locking the door or lowering the shutters, Red Alert can provide vital emergency support should they feel vulnerable.

Case Study:
Berry Bros. & Rudd

Lone Worker Solutions deploys Safe Hub at specialist wine suppliers Berry Bros. & Rudd. Berry Bros. & Rudd chose the Safe Hub App for smartphones to protect its delivery drivers, who operate from the company’s Basingstoke warehouse.

As the warehouse stores over 1 million bottles of wine and spirits, drivers are often responsible for transporting stock of significant value to retail and trade customers.

Berry Bros. & Rudd were particularly attracted to the periodic welfare check provided by the Safe Check feature, giving peace of mind to drivers on the road.


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